The majority of expats I know here in Doha live in Compounds rather than stand alone villas. These are gated communities  which have some communal facilities for residents to enjoy. There are loads of Compounds all over Doha, some are built with hundreds of villas and some with just a small handful. 
We live on a Compound, which is exclusively for the staff and families of people working for RasGas. It is called al Dana Gardens and is situated on al Beday Street in al Luqta. There are 100 four bedroomed villas here and we have a clubhouse, tennis court, gym, communal pool and a kids playground to enjoy. 
28/6/2013 11:21:42 am

Do you know if Parsons (Engineering group) has a separate compound for their employees? My husband and I will be moving there in the near future. They are working on the airport expansion and they said they furnish housing which makes me wonder if it is allowance or probably we have to live where they pick for us? any ideas about that?

enjoy reading your blog!
Holly P

Diary of an Expat Mum
6/7/2013 03:13:08 am

Hi Holly,

I'm afraid I don't know what specific accommodation package you would get through Parsons. Some companies have their own compounds - ours is a company compound but the villa was unfurnished. I know that Qatar Airways also have their own Compounds and they provide furnished villas, but it really does vary greatly. A lot of companies give a monthly allowance towards accommodation and only house you temporarily while you look for something suitable. These allowances are generally in the region of QR15,000 per month from what I have heard.

30/8/2013 12:21:17 pm

Good Day
Sorry to Ask ,but are all senior stuff(grade 6 and above) resides in AL Dana compound or only certain grades? If its the second, do you know where do grades from 4-7 reside?
Appreciate all the help and support provided

18/2/2015 01:40:54 am

Hi Sam -

I am a Masters of Architecture student at Columbia University and currently studying corporate compounds in Doha as a thesis project. I am intrigued by your experience and was wondering if you would like to talk more about it (it could be off the record).

Best Regards,

Laura Marie

18/2/2015 09:01:26 pm

i am cleaner boy i can make all type of cleaning ( iron clothes and clean carpet )

17/10/2015 12:27:59 am

Is there anyway I can rent the clubhouse in this compound?
Thank you!

Jay Stell
19/3/2019 08:25:24 am

i need help locating an American Expate has an Urgent famiky business matter to take care of back in USA.
Any help locating him or relaying a message for him to e-mail or call me would be appreciated so much!

My last contact info:
Martin Sewell Jr.
9 Dana Gardens
Box 10548
DOHA, Qatar


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