When it was announced that Stomp were coming to Doha, there was a real buzz about the place. I knew nothing about the musical theatre show but quickly realised it must be something pretty special once I started reading up about it, although quite how a group of 8 people were going to entertain a full auditorium by making music with everyday objects - brooms, dustbins, kitchen sinks, etc still remained a bit of a mystery but hey ho I was interested to find out!!

Simon purchased two tickets for the first show on the evening of the 6th June - they were the cheapest tickets at QR300 (that's over £50 each!) but in a prime position on the front row of the upper balcony and slap bang right in the middle of the theatre hall. I printed the tickets and took them to Virgin Megastore to be authenticated and waited for the date of the show to arrive.

However, a week or so before the anticipated event Si came home from work and announced that he had been invited to a stag do in Bahrain that weekend and would be flying out on the afternoon of the 6th, missing the show! Two of our children also  then came home with party invitations for the same afternoon/evening, add the regular meetings at Cubs and Beavers into the mix and it started to look like I would have to miss out and just sell the tickets for the show to someone else. But for once my selfish streak emerged and instead I somewhat guiltily told the children that they would have to turn down their party invites! 

On the morning of that first show the year 5 children at DESS (Ben and Matthew's school) were really lucky to have a visit from the performers of Stomp who came into the school to run a workshop for them (see the photos below - taken by a member of staff). This was to give just a small taster of what was in store later that evening.

So that night, after finding a friend who was happy to come along to the show with me, we headed off to the QNCC (Qatar National Convention Centre), an amazing building with a rather interesting spider sculpture inside it. We then sat spellbound for an hour and a half as the most fantastic performance was played out before us. There was humor, a few acrobatic tricks and the most amazing musical beats created from the most bizarre everyday objects, including shopping trolleys! When you put together a list of all the objects that were used in the show it sounds very peculiar, but I absolutely loved the entire show, which tours worldwide, and can't recommend it highly enough if it comes to a City near you (unfortunately we were not permitted to take photos of the performance)! 

I am now forever hopeful that Matthew will soon forget about the laser wars party he missed out on and Rebecca will shrug off the pool party she missed with friends at, not just anybodys Villa/pool, but at an al Thani home (important people here in Doha)! - kids I am truly sorry but at least  Mum had a fun night out!!
13/7/2013 06:23:27 am

Hello Sam, we are about to move to Qatar since my husband has been offered to work at Qatar Airways. We have two daughters, one has 13 and the other has 10. We come from Ecuador, maybe you don't know much a bout that, but we wanted to know if it will be hard to move to Qatar and if life is expensive there. You know......food, house, schools...... And also how is the treat towards women........
I'll thank you for your reply :)


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