1. How did you feel when we first told you we were going to move to Qatar?
I had mixed emotions - I was excited to be going somewhere we had not been before but I was also nervous about going somewhere new and not knowing anyone and then having to make new friends (Rebecca, age 12)

I was a bit sad because I wouldn't see my friends in England any more (Ben, age 9)

I felt scared because I didn't know what it would be like here (Matthew, age 6)

2. What, if anything, do you miss about living in England?
I miss all my friends and family. I also miss the greenery of the UK (Rebecca)

I miss our really big house and the table football inside it. I also miss my old class in England and my relatives (Ben)

I miss our house, my bunk bed, and my friends and family there (Matthew)

3. What do you like the most about living in Doha?
I like having the freedom to go out around the Compound and I like the weather when it's not too hot, because it's always freezing in England (Rebecca)

I like the hot weather and having a swimming pool in our Compound. In addition I like having a playground that we can go to when we want (Ben)

I have more friends than in England. We have a playground and swimming pool right next to our Villa (Matthew)

4. Do you like going to school in Doha? How is it different to your school in England?
I enjoy going to school but don't like getting up so early in the mornings. School is much more multi cultural so I have got friends from other countries that I wouldn't have had if I was at school in the UK (Rebecca) 

Yes, I do because I have made lots of friends that I like to play with. It's different to my school in England because there are only 24 children in each class and in England there are 30 children in a class. We start school earlier here and we finish at lunchtime. (Ben)

Yes I like school here. There are more classrooms but less children in the class. There is a big water fountain, an adventure playground and a swimming pool (Matthew)

5. What's the weather like in Qatar and do you prefer it to the UK?
It's a lot hotter in Qatar and also sandy and dusty, which I am not particularly fond of. In the Summer it gets too hot to even go outside (Rebecca)

It is very hot here and I prefer it to the UK, but I miss the rain and snow! (Ben)

It is sunny here almost all the time. I prefer the weather in England as it is sometimes too hot here. I miss the rain and snow too (Matthew)

6. What things do you get to do here that you didn't do in England?
Everyone is more friendly here so we do more things at the weekends with other families. Also we have a swimming pool about 20 steps from our Villa, which we can use whenever we want. We also get to go out on boat trips and eat lunch at fancy hotels (Rebecca)

I get to go to the park and swimming pool that are close to our Villa. In addition I go sailing and we get more school holidays. (Ben)

I had sailing lessons last term. I can go and play outside with my friends and go to the playground by myself (Matthew)

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Hi Sam,

Firstly very sorry to hear about your father. May his soul rest in peace.

I have enjoyed reading your posts. We are currently due to come out to Qatar either late June - early July. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions regarding Al Dana and commute times etc?

Thank you.


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