PictureA friend's back patio step after the sandstorms
The last three days have been blustery here in Doha and sandstorms have been wreaking havoc. The inside of our Villa now resembles a sand pit and my face has broken out in spots due to the constant sand and grit it has been exposed to every time I have stepped out of the front door! 

The weather seems somehow symbolic to the way I have been feeling about my blog, as for the past couple of months I have been struggling with what to write, not because I haven't got anything to say but because I have been torn as to what type of things I really want to be writing about. When I first set up this page I was full of ideas of how I was going to give information about life in Qatar, to help those people who are contemplating moving and making a life here. 
I remember vividly the way in which Simon and I spent hours and hours on the internet trying to find out everything we needed to know about how things were done here before we made the move to Doha, and some of the blogs from ex-pats already living here proved very useful in giving us a realistic picture of what to expect. I guess I initially thought that I wanted to emulate something similar for future ex-pats.

However, at the same time I desperately wanted to create a personal record of the day to day happenings within our family unit as something for us to look back on and remember in years to come. Somewhere along the way I sidelined this goal and as a result have found myself  unable to post here as regularly as I had hoped. 

I am not a naturally witty person so my entries are never going to have you screaming with laughter (my husband believes that I have absolutely no sense of humor at all!) but I have made the decision that from now on I am going to concentrate my focus on our family adventures, rather than simply writing informative pieces about processes and procedures in Doha!

That is not to say that these elements won't crop up from time to time but they will be less obvious than before. in the 6 months since I set up this page I have had an amazing 10.7k unique visitors to my site and to those who will no longer find what they are looking for here, I apologise, but there are some significant milestones looming just round the corner for our family - it is going to be my 40th later this month, then my youngest child will be celebrating his first birthday in July and just a couple of days following that my eldest will finally enter the dark realms of the teen years! All too quickly the children will be grown up, but if I can diarise just a few moments of our life together now then we will have something to look back on and cherish in future years. 

I hope that you will still want to stop by and take a peak at my posts here as you would of course still be extremely welcome - perhaps you may even wish to comment on the posts you can relate to! 
Now where to start.....the fantastic Stomp show I saw last week at the QNCC or Rebecca's upcoming trip to the orthodontist to find out when she will have her bottom braces fitted?!

9/6/2013 11:27:17 pm

Hi Sam An interesting read as always. Cant imagine the Sand. I am just interested in seeing that you are all doing ok and interested in the general life in Doha so your bogs have been great for me. Ethan nearly one and Rebecca finally a teenager. What date is it so I can get her a card and when is your birthday. Take care. 17 rugs is amazing. What will you do with them when you leave??

Diary of an Expat Mum
10/6/2013 01:49:17 am

Thanks Sally! I will message you with details of our birthdays - we will be back in the UK on 23 June, so will be at home for them. As for the rugs - we will probably end up selling them along with loads of other stuff when the time comes to pack up and leave Doha for good (whenever that might be!). There is a great Facebook page called 'Buy it, Sell it, Swap it, Qatar which a lot of ex-pats here use to sell on their various bits and bobs as they prepare to leave the country!

16/6/2013 05:48:45 am

Hi Sam,
Seem to have had a very quick catch up on the last few months worth of Blogs....Each and every one once again has made me miss you all the more....Can't wait to see you all very soon.....love you all. xx

29/11/2013 03:06:15 pm

Moving to Doha late January 2014 from Australia. Any and all information and advice is welcome.


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