The RP is put into your Passport
Our first task on arriving in Qatar was to go through the process of obtaining our Residents Permit. The thought of it was a bit daunting as I had heard many stories about the process, the bureaucracy involved and the length of time it takes. It's also a bit scary to know that just hours after stepping off the plane in a foreign land your passport will be taken from you and you will not have it returned until the RP process has been completed. 

Simon arrived in Doha some 6 weeks before the children and I, and had only just received his RP/passport back a few days before we flew out to be with him, so we knew we would be looking at quite some waiting time!

In theory, obtaining your RP is pretty easy as your workplace will usually deal with all the paperwork for staff and their families, simply prompting you to undertake the tasks that are necessary along the way. Why it takes such a long time to get that bit of paper in your passport therefore I really can't imagine!!

In essence you simply need to: 
1. Go for blood group testing (if you can bring written confirmation of your blood group type with you when you arrive, you should be able to skip this stage)
2. Have some medical checks - blood tests and chest x-ray
3. Go for fingerprinting /Retina scan

On completion of these steps you will be presented with your RP in your Passport and a Qatar ID card (ID card is given to adults only). Find out more about the reality of the RP process in my next post here!